Birds of the vines

In partnership with the Maison de la Nature Bruche Piedmont, which offers many activities to its members, we will gently resume our activities open to the public. The traditional picnic is replaced by small group outings of about ten people, on registration, which we will repeat in the coming weeks. This modality is also well adapted to our 2020 theme: vine birds.

gesture barriersWalk – 2-hour survey in the vineyards in biodiversity, in search of the emblematic birds of the environment.

The diversity of habitats, food needs and breeding areas of birds calls for true biodiversity to guarantee their (over)life. While Alsatian viticulture prides itself on a diversity of living terroirs, the place given to birds is a good way to question its practices. We will go to meet their places of life, while walking our vineyards like so many trails. Reading landscapes, listening to sounds, smells carried, these learnings are the subject of workshops at each break, key 5 monographs of birds to illustrate their different behaviors. Note provided by the OPL

Schedules and dates:

Saturday afternoon – 4pm to 6.30pm: June 13, June 20, July 11
Sunday morning – 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.: June 7, June 28, July 5, July 19
nb: you can also form a group (6-10 people) and offer us a date and a time slot on weekdays

On the practical side:

Register online or write directly to specifying the desired date and the number of participants. We update the number of places available as registrations are made.
The place of appointment remains as usual the Chapel Saint-Denis – Wolxheim, in the center of the vineyard. Provide walking-friendly shoes. If you have binoculars…

Those who wish can bring a picnic – we will tell them suitable places – the cellar is also accessible (terrace, room) for picnics.

 Exhibition of watercolours of birds of the vineyard:it's talkative

Before or after the walk, and until the end of July, these outings are doubled by an exhibition of watercolours painted by Huguette GOLLY, on a free visit to our large hall. Music grives, falcons or variable buzzards,, sparrows and bouvreuils,… the birds that we would not encounter during the walks were caught on the spot by the watercolorist.

in flight


From childhood, the observation of birds, nature in general, captivates me. Now I'm trying to revive my winged friends with a brush caress and touches of color. Naturalist drawing, as faithful as possible thanks to my photographer friends is more than a hobby, a passion.
Huguette GOLLY – STARCK watercolorist naturalist and painter


Bruno Schloegel

Open winegrower

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