wishes for 2021

We take advantage of the hushed calm brought by the snow and a few rays of sunshine in the last days of January to send you our good health wishes in 2021.

With Covid19 helping, the awareness of the need to redefine our common horizon is all the more obvious: the acceleration of climate change, the visible and lived consequences of biodiversity loss, questions posed to our humanity between the web and local fabric, powers and poverty,…

2021 takes us over the 20 years of questing and experimenting with new agronomic and social modalities around my initial personal project, around vineyards and wine as an alibi for human encounters:

"It is up to us to invent new aesthetics/ethics of life, which integrate environmental, the place of the human and the responsible sharing of the planet…June 2001

The Theo's gradual takeover of the domain refines and perpetuates our practices. The many encounters confirm our choices. We share them with other winemakers, professionals and individuals, with happiness and confidence. You can follow this link to our most recent intervention (30 minutes), last November, to contribute to a wine agroforestry project in the Ile de France supported by AGROFILE.


rch 6, 2020: Doris BUCHE-REISINGER danced the 3 times of vine, wine and human fest

2021 is also 10 years of operation and hospitality in our new premises. The most striking moments, which we are totally lacking in these confined times, are the highlights around the arts and wine, for which I had designed our place of welcome. The initial intuition of the bottle of wine as a lantern of Diogenes takes a totally unexpected light: both in the vineyards and in our tasting room, it is the wait that extends, with the prospect of recreating moments of living together, naturalistic or gustatory walks, creative or friendly evenings. Projects are underway but we prefer to hold our breath for fear of extinguishing the few glimmers of hope they contain.

Hebrew ta'am - judgment, taste, meaning: changing the meaning of vines and wine also means changing our taste
Hebrew ta'am – judgment, taste, meaning: changing the meaning of vines and wine also means changing ou
r taste

The last stage of our changes, the one to which we devote our energies, is that of the subsequent change of taste. Our wines are all questions asked of brains who agree to revisit the coherences between environmental practices and taste standards. The containment times allowed new palaces to confront it: "welcome to the club". To encourage these exchanges, we are just a few steps away from an open sharing of your experiences around our wines. Let us hope that these digital exchanges bring us closer to more real evenings, in your human circles or here in Wolxheim.

Let's do well in 2021!


Bruno Schloegel

Open winegrower

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